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Hello there! We are a brand new game development studio based in Coimbra, Portugal. The city is home to the University of Coimbra, a world heritage site, where both team members studied and met.

Games have been a passion for as long as we can remember. After many years of learning the ins and outs of game development, we are confident we can deliver.

We've been backed by the StartUP Voucher initiative — an acceleration program for Portuguese startups — since October 2020. We are on the process of creating unique visuals, compelling gameplay and long-lasting game experiences, starting with a new title in the roguelike genre, one of our favourites!

Meet the Team

Ana Sofia eating and talking to the phone at the same time.

Ana Sofia — The Artist

I’m the artist! I make things all pretty✨ and get everything in order so its right on time!

Victor looking at the side with silly glasses

Victor — The Engineer

I live the art of computer programming. I deal with computers so much, I only see ones and zeroes. Perhaps I should get better glasses...


Codename 'Reed'


Your daughter has been captured, and you don't know why. You embark on a quest to rescue her from enigmatic, dangerous creatures. Desperate but determined, your journey takes you deeper into ever harsher lands, in search for who you love most.


Set in a high fantasy world, you will engage in tactical combat, explore the environment for resources to survive, interacting with interconnected maps and deep gameplay systems.

We are aiming for a fluid roguelike experience, with captivating stylized graphics and interconnected gameplay systems. We are designing a new concept for turn-based, tactical combat, similar to chess piece movements to spice up the action.

Exploration will be a big part of the game. The player will need to investigate and pay attention to every nook and cranny to get every advantage they can get. The wilderness is unforgiving, so plan wisely and pay the price for your decisions.


We are currently developing a vertical slice of the game, aiming for an alpha version. Development is at full throttle, if you want to have more info, check out our devlog or sign up for our newsletter! You could also help us by filling this quick form that tells us what kind of gamer you are.

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