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Hex Cat

Our story

We are an up-and-coming game development studio based in Coimbra, Portugal. We build original designs and mix engaging gameplay with an appealing presentation.

Both founders met over a half decade ago and wanted to collaborate for a long time. Our goal is to leave a mark on people and master our craft; our shared passion for games made the next step obvious.

With many experiments under our belts, we pitched our first official game: Reed Project. We were funded under the StartUP Voucher, an entrepreneurship program in Portugal, which helped kickstart us as a company.

The game eventually evolved to Hex Cat, a traditional Roguelike. Now, at full-throttle, we work to provide a memorable experience to players worldwide.

  • Ana Cunha

    Co-founder / Art Director

    I went from being a mechanical engineering student to a full-time artist. My fascination has always been art related, from animated movies to video games. My dream is now my journey: to create unique games and bring concepts to life.

  • Victor Carvalho

    Co-founder / Software Enginner

    Video games made me a Software Engineer. Now my mission is to spread the same joy and impact people's lives the same way it did to me.

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Co-financed by the StartUP Voucher program

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