Published: 27 February 2021 The Next Round

In our first post we talked about how the team came together, how we started working on it, what we are building and the way we keep development going on. After an excruciating nail-biting period of waiting we finally got an answer from IAPMEI (the institution that is funding our project) and... we got to the next round. We got it!

Celebration GIF from the Office

Accurate representation of the team receiving the news.

So, what does this mean exactly?

This means three important things for the short future.

  • We have another quarter of funding. Meaning from February 1st to May 31st both Ana and myself can have a living wage.
  • From 80+ promising ideas, our project has not only showed our potential but that we can get things done
  • Starting April 1st, we will be eligible to officially transform our business idea into a proper small company.

In terms of game development, we are sticking to the plan we proposed in the last blog post as it is pretty solid. After we flesh out the underlying game engine stuff and art props we are going to share some more insights on how we do game development.

Additionally, we are going to update the website with some more game content goodies 👀 Finally, we will create a dedicated page on important business things like how we will use the data that you guys provide for us. Spoiler: we won't share it with anybody and tracking will be as minimal as I can possibly make.

Written by

Victor Carvalho

Co-founder / Software Enginner