Hex Cat is a Roguelike where every decision counts.

Journey through the land.

You are Lua, a cat bearing a mysterious and troublesome curse. To lift it, you strike a bargain with the Goddess Bastet. You must journey through the land and retrieve a sacred item stolen from the deity. A task not easily accomplished.

Follow your instincts.

The world is filled with a diverse cast of friends and foes who mould their environment to their liking. From whimsical puzzles to magical challenges, use your wits to progress through the land and overcome challenges.

You want to infiltrate what?? Well, as long as I'm getting paid. But It's gonna cost you.

– The Corgi merchant.



When you die, you die. The sands of time shift and the slate is cleaned. Each run unlocks more options, but you never get more powerful.

An intricate adventure

Explore 20 procedurally generated levels that form an interconnected world. From barren deserts to lush swamps and mouldy caves.

Hard but fair

Roguelikes should be challenging but not unfair. We strive for an experience that is accessible and clear to everyone that picks up the reins.

A living world

The player and creatures have many factions with varying degrees of friendship and rivalry, dynamically altering the gameplay stage.

Dangerous magic

Invoke the arcane arts through six distinct magic schools. But beware, the stronger the magic, the higher the risk to you, and others.

Progression through exploration

You grow stronger by incorporating what you find in your quest into your arsenal of choices. If you don't explore, you risk going stagnant.

Unrestricted builds

No classes are available. You are what you use. A sword-wielding mage, a pure spellcaster, a crafty rogue or valiant warrior can always be reached each run... with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Tactical Turn based Stakes

Take your time and craft your next move carefully. Using unknown items might be a detriment when surrounded by enemies, and taking that next step might spring a step.

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Co-financed by the StartUP Voucher program

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